321 PERFORM uses Assess Manager to help prepare its top-level drivers!

Découvrez comment 321 PERFORM utilise Assess Manager pour préparer ses pilotes de haut niveau. Le partenariat explore les similitudes entre management et sport de haut niveau, soulignant l'importance de la préparation mentale. Optimisez votre potentiel avec Assess Manager

321 PERFORM s’appuie sur Assess Manager

The links between management and top-level sport are well established. Some companies now invite sports personalities to pass on their experience of top-level sport to their employees. Management has always been inspired by top-level sportsmen and women.

These similarities exist, and we are delighted to announce the partnership between 321 PERFORM and Assess Manager.

A training centre for top-level pilots, 321 PERFORM prepares champions!

When we talk about leadership, surpassing oneself, perseverance, motivation, a sense of purpose, tenacity and, to a certain extent, stress management, we think of management, but also of the values of sportsmen and women. Knowing yourself well means being well prepared.

The person who wins the race is not the one who is the strongest, but the one who has the best prepared and most solid mindset. Companies are increasingly interested in the mental conditions of great champions.

Does this mean that we prepare a manager in the same way as we would prepare a top-level athlete?

The diagnostic elements exist in both cases:

  1. We take stock of our situation: we ask ourselves questions: where do I stand? What are my strengths? What do I need to work on? etc.
  2. Then we draw up an action plan
  3. And then GO!

A question of values? pugnacity? leadership? The question arises.

The similarity also comes from a shared vocabulary:

  • First, in terms of objectives to be achieved
  • Secondly, by giving ourselves the means to achieve them through preparation….

Among other things, Assess Manager allows you to take stock and understand each other better.

Stage 0 of any progress.

As part of the mental and physical preparation of sportspeople, 321 PERFORM will be using Assess Manager, and we’re delighted!

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