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Management assessment test

Evaluation managériale pour du Recrutement, de l'Assessment, du Coaching et de la Formation

Assessment management test | Assess Manager

The Assess Manager management and managerial skills test helps you to meet your HR challenges and gives you the keys to developing your managers and employees.

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Assess Manager can help you meet your HR challenges

Securing recruitment and onboarding choices

Encouraging commitment and controlling turnover

Sorting out internal candidates without demotivating them

Key people, identifying talent

Adjusting to inter-generational and distance management

Valuing differences in team profiles

Assess Manager solutions for
Managers, HR, Recruiters,
Trainers and Coaches

Detecting the best profiles, Decision support

Evaluation, Assessment, Integration support

Identifying the best profiles and facilitating decision-making are crucial elements in human resources management. Accurate skills assessment and effective induction support play a key role in building high-performance teams.
These processes are strategic levers for optimising talent potential, ensuring the long-term success of the organisation

Assess manager - Management assessment test

Make your recruitment tests more reliable

Secure internal mobility

Capitalise on talent detection

In-depth assessment

CAMPUS: Developing managers, Identifying their needs

Targeting managers’ needs, Supporting them

The Campus plays an essential role in the advancement of managers by targeting and responding to their specific needs. Precise identification of managers’ needs guides personalised support, fostering their professional growth.
By focusing on the development of managerial skills, the Campus becomes a catalyst for the positive evolution of the team and the overall success of the organisation

assess manager - targeting managers' needs

Developing the company through its managerial lines

MyCampus Management: assess, support

Obtain management training tools

How to report the results of a managerial assessment?

Devising the best coaching strategy

Using our management training tools

Management training resources

Optimise your management approach by using our specialised teaching tools. Our management resources offer a complete package for building your skills.
Use these resources strategically to achieve your professional goals and take your management skills to new heights.

assess manager management styles

Books on management

Theories in psychology

Management theories

Assessment training

Training in the use of personality and management tests

Assess Manager solutions for
and future managers

Manage your career

Manage your professional career

Take the reins of your career using our dedicated tools. Manage your career path with our management training resources.
These tools are designed to help you shape your career path, develop your skills and achieve your professional goals strategically

Future manager? Validate your management potential

Am I a good manager?

Preparing for an interview – Potential questions

Looking for change? Identify potential directions

Management training – Priorities, solutions

Discover management theories

Resources – Learn, Understand

Explore management theories with our dedicated resources. Learn and understand the fundamentals of management to enhance your professional skills.
These resources are an essential guide to deepening your knowledge and developing a sound perspective on management principles

Statistics on the qualities of the best managers

Assess manager, revealing talent, triggering change

Secure the recruitment of your managers

“1 failed recruitment costs between €30k and €100k”

Validate internal mobility for a managerial position

“1 in 3 job changes turns out to be a mistake”

Identify talent among your managers

“How many departures would you have liked to avoid?

Evaluate to train and coach your managers

“The payroll managed by a manager is €400k per year”

Create an optimised and tailored training plan for your managers

“1 in 2 training courses is inappropriate”

Training offered: We can help you to get to grips with the questionnaires
questionnaires and interpreting the results.
Register for sessions via your partner area

Fabienne GUILLOU – UPS HR Manager

“Some managers have come knocking on my door to thank me for taking them through this Assessment with you. It’s something quite unprecedented.”

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The management test is used by recruitment and assessment professionals, training centres and coaches, as well as by companies themselves or in conjunction with their consultancies.





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