Recruitment Test

Assess Manager is an innovative recruitment test which combines several results in a single questionnaire: personality, management and managerial potential. It is also used in assessments because of its high level of accuracy

Manager recruitment test

A qualitative assessment to help you choose the right future employees – Recruit better to build loyalty.

Launch your invitations from your Recruiter platform. Consult the results, create reference panels, etc…

*15 free credits for 15 days

Why choose the Assess Manager recruitment test?

Personality test rates for your recruitment needs

Start with the free evaluation version and see for yourself.

What do the Assess Manager recruitment tests look like?

The recruitment test graphs: see the personality and management recruitment test reports.

management recruitment test reports

How long does it take to read a report on the professional side?

Via a graphical reading, 5 to 10 minutes.

We recommend that you take our free online training courses, which help to reduce the time taken. The Assess Manager recruitment test offers several report versions to suit the reading time available and the degree of depth the recruiter is looking for.

The report for the recruitment candidate is adapted to the context: it can be personalised with your logo, and you have 2 possible formats (very short, more detailed). You always keep the most detailed version for yourself.

Customer summaries are made easy.

Database access

Anonymous access to the database enables you to target your needs: typical profiles, most sought-after qualities, etc. You can test these features for 15 days by opening a free, no-obligation account.

*This offer is valid once per company.

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