Management theories

The “best of” management benchmarks

Management theories and examples of managerial situations.

Management reference books and the Management White Paper

Management theories and personal development

Management is at the crossroads of several paths: self-knowledge, pragmatism, good use of theories and humanism. Depending on your area of interest, you will find below links to a large number of management topics and theories.

Management theories – 9 cross-disciplinary dossiers

  1. New! Management dossier: who are the best managers and what makes them different?
  2. Management and Communication theory
  3. Management and Motivation theory
  4. Management and Leadership Theory
  5. Management theory and the Manager Coach
  6. Management theory and Group Management
  7. Management theory and Emotional Intelligence
  8. Management theory and Agility concepts
  9. Management theory and corporate culture

Management theory – 7 tools on competencies

  1. Management Theory and the Managerial Competency Framework
  2. Management Theory and Time Management
  3. Management theory and Delegation
  4. Management theory and decision-making
  5. Management theory and managerial courage
  6. Training and Management Skills Booklets
  7. Management theory and Management Skills Test

Management theory and psychology – 7 Dossiers

  1. Management Theory and Psychology – Introduction
  2. Management Theory and Neuroscience – The innate impacts on behaviour
  3. Management Theory and Jung – “5 factor model”, a personality grid
  4. Management Theory and Transactional Analysis – Child adult parent
  5. Management Theory and NLP – the elasticity of our brain
  6. Management theory and Karpman’s triangle – victim rescuer persecutor
  7. Management Theory and Personality Dictionary

Management Theory – The Assess Manager Library

  1. Published by EMS Coach: Book “Le Management à porter demain” (2 volumes)
  2. Management theory and 14 managerial skills
  3. Management Theory and The White Book of Management

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Management theory reader testimonials

Extracts from testimonials available on Amazon or Fnac

“A real bible for all managers and HR directors :)”.

A highly relevant book with a very in-depth reference framework of the skills that managers need to develop to adapt to tomorrow’s world (…)

“All the keys to leadership development

The approach is simple, pragmatic and rich in examples, summaries and exercises.

“A mine of inspiration for my coaching and training”.

I appreciate the references to current neuroscience, positive psychology, the latest work on motivation and major managerial trends.

“At last, a book on management that mixes everything that is important and useful with practical application.”

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