Books on management: keys to development

Managerial positions and skills

A veritable bible for managers summarised in 2 books and 15 managerial skills booklets

Management for tomorrow

This management bible covers all the managerial skills measured in the management test.

It is also the result of years of research by the Assess Manager team. A 2022 study also shows the differences in skills between 5 panels: executives, managers of managers, cross-functional managers, operational managers and employees with no managerial responsibility. Each skill illustrated in this study is documented in these 2 books.

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Assess Manager’s management teaching tools

1 book, 1 managerial skill. A training book to develop your managerial skills.

These booklets provide you with the essentials on the topic in question and operational exercises to help you and your team improve on a day-to-day basis.

  • Define the theme and the issues
  • Identify common situations. Contextualise more complex situations or identify their underlying factors
  • Remove psychological obstacles or limiting beliefs (coaching exercises)
  • Choosing the most useful methods and tools
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Practising with real-life cases from your team

Each booklet is dedicated to a specific managerial skill, corresponding to the skills assessed in the Assess Manager test.

The Assess Manager booklets

As an Executive, HR Manager, Recruiter, Trainer or Coach, you will receive 3 booklets free of charge when you register

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