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Coaches: the uses of Assess Manager solutions will differ according to your speciality

You are your best tool, and we don’t pretend to replace you.

We provide you with insights, relevant questions and work tools that complement your training.

The uses of Assess Manager solutions vary according to your coaching specialism.

Life coaches and coaches specialising in career guidance

  • Life coaches use the ZOOM-ER personality test report.
  • Coaches specialising in career counselling use the ZOOM-ER personality test report; if the career orientation envisaged includes management, the MANAG-ER report will be useful for validating potential towards management, or understanding the driving forces in this function (resources, limits)

Coaches specialised in supporting companies

As executive coaches, manager coaches or team coaches, the MANAG-ER test report will help you to communicate with your clients, while providing keys for supporting your coachee, as well as support tools.

You can also broaden your range of activities by training in Assessment. An assessment carried out by a coach does not produce the same results as an assessment carried out by a recruiter. The difference in posture is essential and has an impact.

Structural assessment of the coachee: an open, non-judgemental approach

Whatever the objectives defined upstream of the coaching, your aim is to provide your client with the best possible support.

Some coachees have a very good knowledge of themselves, others have a less obvious level of awareness. In both cases, a personality test is a valuable aid:

It provides you with questions related to the coachee’s personality.

ZOOM-ER sheds detailed light on how your coachee functions. Your emotional and intellectual brain, however rich it may be, cannot explore everything. We offer you this invaluable help.

The ZOOM-ER personality test opens up the coachee’s possibilities. It uses the Coach’s reading keys.

In a single tool, you will find real keys to understanding and questioning your coachee:

Discover all the areas of feedback in the ZOOM-ER test report

We recommend that you suggest this before your first interview, as future coachees are reassured by a well-equipped approach from the outset. Your empathy is also multiplied because you have the keys to understanding before the meeting.

For in-company coaching – Manager and executive coaches, team coaches

The MANAG-ER test report provides an upstream diagnosis of the coachee.

It provides a global view of the manager. The tool will enable you to work on :

  • Values
  • The degree of commitment to the company project and the coachee’s positioning in this area
  • Political acumen, the ability to speak truth to power, and the way to potentially provoke resistance
  • Analysing the key skills required for the position they occupy
  • Valuing resources and optimising their use to develop confidence and legitimacy
  • Clarify the skills to be developed. Understand the resistance or mechanisms intrinsic to the coachee’s functioning that have so far hindered their development. Remove barriers, untie knots to allow greater freedom of movement. Or accept them and develop a direction that is more in tune with their own being.

Each skill assessed is accompanied by a booklet containing tools, coaching and training exercises. These can be accessed in your account, in the“MyCampus Management” section.

A coachee has the solutions within him or herself, when it comes to personality. When it comes to management, they sometimes need to reinforce their knowledge and tools. You’re not a trainer, and that’s not what we’re about.

We offer training tools that the coachee can work on between 2 appointments.

  • Personality and management test, to confirm priorities
  • The personality report and identity work (values, drivers, etc)
  • The management report lists 15 skills to which are linked 15 educational booklets that enable the coachee to grasp the content without you adopting a consultancy stance. However, they can make progress on their shortcomings as a complement to your coaching. Their experience of working on a skills booklet is an area for questioning and development

MyCampus Management

* MyCampus Management* – Benefit from a free trial: 1 full personality management report 1 kit with 3 management skills booklets

Please note that the training and coaching booklets are “visible” once the first assessment has been completed, in the ad hoc section.

Become a partner – A network of coaches united by shared values

Our values are our first rallying points, while our methods remain centred on the identity of each individual. Because the coach’s first tool is himself, above and beyond any solutions he may propose to complement his own solutions and the protocols he has adopted.

But first… Try it out and see for yourself!

Online training is available directly from your Assess Manager account to help you really master Assess Manager assessment solutions(personality and management tests). The assessments are non-judgemental, so that you can provide your customers with the best possible support and encourage openness and discussion.

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