Assess Manager’s Assessment offer

Assess Manager offers you 3 solutions for conducting your Assessments.

Assessment is a real profession.

Certain types of recruitment or internal mobility require in-depth analysis of candidates to minimise the risk of error. Detecting talent within a company is another source of major challenges, prompting companies to carry out Assessments, often carried out by an external consultant. In certain critical situations, such as a manager experiencing difficulties in his or her position, an Assessment may be needed to clarify the potential for development.

Assess Manager can help you carry out Assessments:

  • We provide you with tools for your Assessments
  • We can also train you in Assessment (certification)
  • We can also conduct your Assessments.

Assessment questionnaire

You want to be able to conduct your own assessments and you already have a solid grounding in interviewing.

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Assessment training

You’d like to train and obtain Assessment Certification, while equipping yourself with professional tools and methods to conduct your Assessments.

Would you like to join Assess Manager’s team of assessment professionals?

Assessment Centre: Request a complete service

You would like to entrust your Assessments to our team of professionals. You want a neutral opinion, a genuine in-depth qualitative assessment, an approach that enhances the value of your candidates and employees.

Assessment sometimes requires total neutrality and the use of external service providers.

What happens during a complete Assessment?

An Assessment takes place in 3 stages: Brief, Assessment, debrief.

Simple, systematic stages

Stage 1

  • Brief on the need
  • Formalised written report
  • Preparation for the Assessment (assessment grid, questions, cases and scenarios, tests)

Stage 2

  • Assessment with, at the end, an essay written by the candidate on what he/she has learned from the Assessment (validation of messages, not transformed)
  • Formalisation of the full Assessment Report – Assessment results
  • Comparative table if there are several candidates

Stage 3

  • Oral Assessment debrief, to complete the written report

A constructive mind set and a neutral stance to encourage stakeholder involvement in the Assessment process

Transparency in the perceived areas for improvement, communicated to the candidate

Experienced coaches trained in Assessment, based on the Assess Manager methodology

A long-term partnership, with an attractive pricing policy to ensure that the approach becomes a reflex and not an elitist one

How much does it cost?

The pricing options depend on the objectives and the number of Assessments to be carried out.

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