Assessment Training and Certification

How does Assessment training work?

What is the Assessment training programme?

1 – Drawing up a brief with the client

Build up the elements that will clarify the expectations at 2 levels:

  • The skills and soft skills to be assessed
  • The framework of the request and the consequences
  • On the state of mind in relation to the request

2 – Positioning the coach – consultant in relation to the request

  • Depending on the client’s expectations, propose a clear position that is both reassuring and ethical
  • Reframing and clarifying possibilities
  • Sequencing the process according to the request (simple, complex, multiple)

3 – Constructing the assessment

  • Create an objective assessment grid
  • Create the questions and situations needed to conduct the assessment
  • Reinforce the questions and situations with tests

4 – During the assessment

  • Posture and method for introducing the Assessment to the candidate
  • Gathering useful verbatims for post-Assessment writing
  • Methodology for providing transparency without taking the client’s place
  • Co-constructing the reflection, providing a benevolent viewpoint that encourages acceptance
  • Space for valorisation, beyond the areas for improvement
  • Validation of exchanges without transformation or omission

5 – Drawing up an assessment report

  • Structuring the document to ensure clarity
  • Creating a summary report – methodology
  • Creating a detailed report – methodology
  • Qualitative appraisals: how to explain certain factors so that responsibilities are placed in the right places, respecting both the candidate and the client

6 – Debriefing the assessment

  • Stages of the meeting
  • Dealing with tricky questions

7 – Presentation tools

  • Presentation tools
  • Sales methodology for your regular partners and customers (internal and external)
  • Presenting your service offering to new customers: finding prospects and approaching them easily

8 – Assessment certification

  • Assessment certification

In what situations can you use this know-how?

What are the prerequisites for taking part in the training course?

  • You have at least 10 years’ professional experience (all types of experience)
  • You have a degree in psychology or coaching and can demonstrate that you are regularly supervised

How do I obtain Assessment certification?

Certification in Assessment practice is achieved through the following elements:

  • A written exam
  • An oral examination
  • A complete case study
  • Follow-up supervision

A coach who has received the Assessment training offered by Assess Manager will be able to develop his or her business and, in the first year, generate additional turnover of between €30K and €80K on average, depending on his or her established network and the professional qualities already recognised by his or her professional network.

What are the dates and cost of the Assessment training course?

Length of course : 8 days (4 * 2 days)
Cost of the course : 2,890 Euros excluding VAT
Training venue : Nantes
Cost of certification : 790 Euros excluding VAT (including 4 supervision sessions)

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