Choosing a coach?

Trouvez le Coach idéal avec ASSESS MANAGER. Découvrez comment nos évaluations et notre outil ZOOM-ER vous aident à choisir des Coachs certifiés, neutres et efficaces pour soutenir vos collaborateurs. Apportez clarté et qualité à vos stratégies de Coaching

Choisir un Coach ?

HR managers tell us: “It’s hard to know what you’re buying”.

Vanessa, Head of Careers and Talent at a major retail group, explains: “Our HR units are very decentralised, so when we need to find a coach in Nantes or Perpignan, we tend to use the professionals who are on the spot.

They’re undoubtedly very good, the only thing is that we don’t have a clear idea of their level of qualification.

I’m often afraid that we end up with consultants rather than coaches.

Jérôme, Purchasing Manager at a large logistics company, wonders: “The pricing of coaching sessions is a mystery to our departments.

The main question I ask myself is, if prices vary from 1 to 3, does the quality do the same?

As a Purchasing Manager, I find it very hard to come to terms with this lack of clarity.

Erika, Head of Manager Training in an agri-food group, argues: “What bothers me about Coaching is the habits that have been adopted in our HR offices across France.

Coaches have often been in place for decades, they’re almost part of the company, they know everyone.

I’m well aware of the need for a coach to be neutral, but this really poses a problem for me.

These are just a few of the many comments we have heard from HR managers in our day-to-day work. It seems that beyond certification, HR managers lack certainty as to the quality of the coaching services they are able to offer employees.

Our customer feedback can be summed up as follows:

“When we choose a coach, there are some essential points we’d like to check,

  • The coach’s neutrality,
  • His sense of purpose beyond the human relationship,
  • His ability to encompass a strategic vision,
  • That he does not behave like a saviour,
  • That they do not confuse coaching with advice,
  • That they do not get emotionally involved with the coachee.

Anne, HR Director of a major tour operator, also points out: “Sometimes we also want to know a coach’s behavioural style.

Depending on the coaching candidates, it can be useful to know whether a coach will be sufficiently confrontational or rather soft.

Do you share these issues with the HR Managers who are our clients?

How can ASSESS MANAGER provide a solution to these questions?

ASSESS MANAGER has been helping hundreds of companies target talent for the past 4 years.

We have demonstrated that we know how to make a difference in helping recruiters match the right profiles to the assignments proposed by companies.

We help our customers to tailor their training programmes to the needs of their employees as highlighted by the ASSESS MANAGER TEST.

We have also tested dozens of coaches, as all our assessments are followed by a debriefing by a certified coach.

It is for these reasons that the ASSESS MANAGER solution is a legitimate framework for coach selection.

Our ZOOM-ER assessment tool is perfectly suited to providing our customers with the information they need about coaches.

In practice, customers who have used it have expressed their complete satisfaction with the more conclusive results of their coaching sessions.

By way of example, here are the profiles of two of our Assess-Manager certified coaches.

Michel N

Michel has a career as a company director and solid management experience.

His assessment results make him a coach capable of neutrality and hindsight.

In terms of interpersonal skills, he is a good listener and a good socialiser, knowing how to take a back seat without letting his personal choices show.

They know how to create trust and open up a favourable space for the coachee’s growth and transformation.

On the “corporate” side, he or she is factual, has a strong capacity for global vision, is results-oriented and, for the most part, adopts an adult stance in conflicts.

He will be able to remain aligned with the company’s challenges while supporting the coachee’s progress.

Finally, his tendency to favour a straightforward relationship will make him a very suitable coach in cases where a certain level of confrontation with the coachee is necessary.

Patrice D

Patrice has a strong aptitude for management. He is therefore able to understand and analyse the behaviour of manager-coachees accurately. He relies on the quality of the relationship, his strategic vision and his logical mind.

Thanks to their ability to stand back, they have a strong ability to synthesise their thoughts. They approach conflicts without fear, stating the facts, guided by common sense and the constraints of the situation. Respectful of processes, he adopts the necessary flexibility so as not to hinder the efficiency of the work.

Their creativity is expressed both in their ideas and in their relationships with others. Giving recognition and developing skills are essential to him. His global approach to business enables him to deal with complex issues. At ease in society, he is also very approachable, taking an interest in people and events. In particular, he differentiates between what is done and the qualities of the person, placing himself on an equal footing with the person he is talking to.

We would be delighted to continue this exchange with you.

We’re sure that it will give you greater visibility in your coaching strategies for your company’s employees.

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