Delegate in management

Déléguer pour mieux manager : Libérez votre temps et boostez la performance de vos équipes
Découvrez les secrets d'une délégation efficace et devenez un leader inspirant
Faites progresser vos collaborateurs et créez un environnement de travail stimulant

Déléguer dans le management

If you want to go fast, walk alone
But if you want to walk far, let’s walk together

Operational managers are often confronted with this African proverb:

Do it yourself to save time,

Or invest time and pass on know-how?

– Walking alone when you have mastered the ins and outs is a spontaneous reflex that many managers will identify with, especially if they are perfectionists or lack patience.

– And yet, working with others is one of the pillars of the manager who federates, leads, encourages progress and shares with his team in a climate of “organised” trust.

In an economy that demands speed and efficiency, it’s easy to fall into the trap of “going it alone”.

Assess Manager’s management test assesses managers on the following points in particular:

  • Are they convinced of the benefits of delegation?
  • Do they know how to implement delegation?

Assess Manager is the first genuine management test, used by HR managers, recruiters, coaches and trainers as a genuine career management tool. It comes with 3 test reports:

  • 1 simplified 2-page report to give the manager an initial overview before debriefing
  • 1 full report on managerial skills (leadership style, operational/strategic tendency, managerial skills and areas for development, etc.)
  • 1 very detailed personality appendix, allowing you to delve deeper into all the aspects covered in the managerial profile.

By opening a company account, HR managers, recruiters, coaches and trainers can obtain an initial report free of charge, enabling them to discover the full test reports.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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