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Optimisez votre carrière avec Assess Manager. Répondez à un questionnaire unique, découvrez vos forces et progrès en management, préparez vos entretiens et explorez de nouvelles orientations professionnelles.

Aide à la décision

What are your areas for development?

How can you optimise them?

The overall logic of Assess Manager for you

Whether you’re a manager or not, Assess Manager offers you a range of solutions.

How to proceed :

  • Complete a single questionnaire
  • Average time: 23 minutes
  • Prerequisites: a good internet connection, 20 quiet minutes to spare
  • Complete results, tailored to your needs

Future managers: validate your management potential

While there is no such thing as a good or bad manager in absolute terms, because that depends on the context you are targeting, we have developed an algorithm that gives you a concrete idea of your level of predisposition towards operational management or the management of managers.

It may be that a management orientation is not appropriate in the short term. In this case, the assessment will show you the skills you need to develop or strengthen.

This gives you the qualitative elements you need to have a direct impact on the long-term result.

Managers: Discover your strengths and areas for improvement

The Questionnaire Assessment shows a set of managerial skills that can be applied in all professional contexts. Specific company contexts may influence the level of skills required for each competency.

The assessment of your management test shows you your dominant strengths on which you can build. It also shows you which skills are potentially less developed, so that you can identify areas to work on.

Prepare for an interview – potential questions

Based on your answers to the questions, we draw up a series of questions that a recruiter is likely to ask you, given your profile.

These are the questions that you might find difficult to answer, so that you can prepare well for your interview without being surprised by situations or questions that are sensitive for you.

Identify new career directions

Your personality and the way you work predispose you to certain types of profession more than others. If you are thinking about new directions, you can discover potential environments to explore.

Quite a few skills assessment centres now use Assess Manager’s ZOOM-ER personality report to explore new horizons or validate a career plan.

Management training

The management skills assessment enables you to identify the skills you need to develop or strengthen. You are then offered books to work on them. They are made up of concrete contributions: tools, examples of situations, implementation methodologies and practical exercises to get me moving.

Method :

  • First take the test.
  • Use the results to identify the skills you need to develop
  • Start training using the specific booklets tailored to your needs.

E.g.: If running a meeting isn’t an easy subject for you, you’ll discover a variety of facilitation methods depending on the objectives of the meeting: problem solving, activity review, creativity meeting, etc. Tools for preparing your meeting and assigning roles to participants.

If you haven’t taken the test, you can choose to read the complete book on management – “Le management à porter demain, Tome 1 et 2”. It links the different managerial skills and can be read in any order, depending on your needs at the time.

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