Management training needs

Évaluez vos besoins en formation managériale avec Assess Manager, le premier test en ligne pour détecter vos compétences et zones de progression.

Besoins en formation management

An online test to identify your training needs in order to move into a managerial role or improve your management skills.
Assess Manager is the first genuine managerial skills assessment test on the market.

How can you improve your management skills?

Assess Manager is the leading tool on the market for assessing your managerial skills, whether or not you already hold a managerial position. It is also the benchmark tool for professionals, used by training centres to diagnose your needs, and by professional coaches. Major recruitment agencies also use it to assess candidates.

The first step to progress is to identify your strengths and areas for improvement…

Already a manager? How can you identify your training needs?

You want to improve your management skills so that you can aim for a more senior position, consolidate your position in front of your team or simply feel more comfortable in your role. The Assess Manager test will give you a clear picture of your strengths and how you can improve.

It’s not always easy to take a critical and neutral look at your managerial position. With the Assess Manager tools, you’ll find a neutral and enlightening perspective to give you some very concrete pointers.

  • The test is carried out online.
  • You take a 20-minute questionnaire, be as spontaneous as possible.
  • Your results are ready immediately.

After reading the results, you can carry out an in-depth analysis with a coach from the Assess Manager network so that you can put your training plan in place immediately.

Not yet a manager? How can you confirm your managerial potential?

Are you hesitating to move into a managerial position even though you’ve been offered one in your company? Or are you hoping to be offered one?

Assess Manager is a predictive tool that can help you assess your managerial potential, your areas of support and your areas for improvement.

The detailed MANAG-ER report will give you all the keys you need to reassure yourself, while identifying your priorities for progress if you want to take management training now.

How do you identify your training needs?

The reports on the ASSESS MANAGER questionnaire, in addition to providing numerous details about your posture, your operating style and your personality, give a very detailed report on your strengths and priorities for progress

Key points about Management training

The Assess Manager tools enable you to assess your potential when you are not yet in a managerial position

They allow you to better identify your strengths and areas for improvement, so that you can take a step back and analyse your situation if you have been in a management role for some time

If the need concerns all the managers in your company, a collective solution is also available.

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