Not very SMART objectives

We propose a managerial situation for you to think about together.
Here’s the situation:
You manage a department in which each team member has the same performance objective. Your management has asked you to do this in order to compare everyone’s contribution.
But you know that although the activity is the same, the files to be processed, in terms of quality or time spent, are not the same.
You feel that this objective, set in such a systematic way, makes no sense.
How do you manage this situation?

Possible solutions:

  • Carry out a comparative analysis of the projects handled by the team to balance the workload in relation to their skills and make the objective achievable. This is a solution linked to the assessment of employees’ skills, but it doesn’t necessarily seem to solve the problem.
  • Carrying out a business analysis and demonstrating to the L1 with factual elements that the objectives can be optimised in order to obtain his approval and propose a new allocation key.
  • What other options would you suggest? Answer directly in this post!

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