Personality or management Assessment: what are the differences?

What is the difference between today’s different tests? Personality tests and management assessment test : different uses

Personality tests: an accessible tool?

Today, there are many tests that assess the personality of your future employees. Imagination, communication and sensitivity are all scrutinised. While these invaluable tools guarantee a better understanding of profiles, it has to be said that their practical application is not always obvious. Translating the results of a personality test into managerial skills is a real challenge.

Between theoretical knowledge, attitude and interpersonal skills, a manager has to multiply his or her skills to meet the needs of the job. The specific nature of the job requires a dedicated assessment system.

What is a Management Test?

A management test is based on a study of personality and links it directly to the managerial function. It answers very specific questions such as:

Is a manager more hands-on or more strategic?
Does the manager know how to protect his team from stress?
Do they know how to unite and convince their team to motivate them?
How do they manage conflicts between team members?
These are all areas of a manager’s daily life that require practical analysis.

By focusing on the practical aspects of the job, a management test enables you to take a more appropriate look at a manager’s profile. Using this type of tool saves time and improves accuracy, optimising both the selection and assessment of managers.

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