The recruiter’s magic questions

What are the magic questions in recruitment that separate the IMPORTANT from the secondary?

“In recruitment, the more senior the position, the more demanding the requirements”

When you make a point of identifying THE fundamental personality traits and managerial qualities of a future employee, everything seems important, even essential.
It’s a classic! Recruitment often calls for a sheep with 5 or even 6 legs, and that’s only natural. And it’s one of the strengths of recruitment professionals that they can find rare gems.

However, …

To help you separate the important from the unimportant, there are a few magic questions…

Without the magic questions, you face 2 major risks:

1. The first is to end up with unattainable specifications: the sheep turns into 1000-paws, and the recruitment mission drags on even though the recruitment is urgent (which is often the case…).

2. The second is letting the ideal candidate slip through your fingers and having to look for other candidates even though you’ve done your job very well: if a criterion isn’t fundamental, or a low score on a skill isn’t a major issue, the magic questions help you put the importance of a candidate’s weak qualities into perspective.

The recruiter is a real adviser, helping his client to choose his fundamental criteria

For example… You’re looking at the essential managerial qualities of a future manager, and you’re on the subject of Delegation for a team leader.

“Will the profile need to be able to delegate?

Answer from the principal: Ha yes of course, it’s essential for a manager.

First rule: YES / NO closed questions increase the number of legs on your sheep.

You’re going to have to find the Rolls Royce of candidates, and that will considerably reduce your choices. Bear in mind that a Rolls is always surprising to look at when parked in a supermarket car park. The aim of this image is not to denigrate a company, but to find the right match for its needs. An over-qualified profile is rarely a good choice for recruitment.

A magic question that weights expectations against real needs

Would you say that there is a lot to be done to improve the atmosphere between team members or even with other departments?

This question can be used, for example, to identify whether the manager’s conflict management skills are essential, important or secondary. The way it is worded encourages the natural weighting of the question by the client or your customer (internal/external).

If the atmosphere is unhealthy, the manager will have to admit that this is an important skill. In this case, it is a fundamental criterion to be included in the specifications.

If the atmosphere is already fairly good, this skill will not be fundamental.

In this case, the result of the management test on this skill can be moderated: a result between 40 and 50% will be sufficient, provided that the other fundamental criteria are good.

This is our gift of the week!

The list of magic management questions for targeting the essential skills of the future manager you’re going to recruit.

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Questions during the recruitment interview

In addition to these magic questions, the results of the Assess Manager personality and management test provide you with targeted questions for your candidate, depending on their profile. These are suggested directly in the test results.

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