Training in the use of personality and management tests

What training courses does Assess Manager offer?

Training offered: We can help you to get to grips with the questionnaires
questionnaires and interpreting the results.
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What training courses does Assess Manager offer?

we offer 3 training courses:

1 – Training in the use of Personality Assessments – free – 1h30, online

2 – Training in the use of Management Assessments – offered – 1h30, online

These 2 courses are given every week.

You can register from your account. Within your account, you can create users who can then access the training. New employees you hire can therefore receive the training very quickly (within 1 week).

During the training, you will receive tools and dictionaries to help you memorise the key elements.

The courses are based on concrete cases suggested by the participants. We generally recommend that you come twice.

  • The first time to discover the essentials.
  • A second time to delve deeper into the more technical subtleties.

Multiple access is authorised and recommended for professionals with no experience of running tests.

3 – Training to conduct a full assessment – fee payable

This is a professional training course leading to assessment certification.

In addition, the book “Le management à porter demain” can be used by trainers and coaches as a reference document for creating/leading educational sessions on managerial skills.

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