What kind of leader are you?

Découvrez quel type de leader vous êtes et comment développer votre potentiel de leadership grâce à une approche basée sur les neurosciences.

Quel leader êtes-vous

Each of these figures speaks to you in a different way: what made them famous to you, the symbolism of their ‘work’, but also and certainly what they represent as a mirror of your personality. Our heroes, in what they evoke, speak to our personality and are potentially a reflection of our leadership posture in our managerial role.

Before decoding the personality/leadership style correlation, you can answer this question: who inspires you most?

  • Taylor
  • Gandhi
  • Steve Jobs
  • Einstein

Strong personalities who don’t embody the same postures or messages. In short, very different leaders!

Each is the archetype of a Neuroscience personality, whose model you may already have discovered using the colour tool. Find out which colour corresponds to each character..

…Segmentation into 4 poles according to the neuroscience model :

  • Taylor: organiser
  • Gandhi: communicator
  • Steeve Jobs: visionary
  • Einstein: expert

Assess Manager uses these archetypes to offer you management training in a rather unusual format to develop your leadership skills. It is co-constructed by a partnership of management specialists (coaches and trainers), all certified by Assess-Manager.

What does leadership development mean in this course?

It means amplifying your potential and resources by broadening your leadership style(s) to include styles that are not natural to you. Indeed, if you easily recognise yourself in Steeve Jobes, it may be that Taylor speaks to you less, or even puts you off. And yet, your position as a leader in front of your teams could be enriched with qualities that are appreciated, and that guarantee better results, if you developed the “Taylor” in you!

  • 7% of managers are mono-dominant, i.e. have a single dominant posture in their management style
  • 60% are “double-dominant
  • 30% are triple-dominant
  • only 3% play with the full spectrum of these 4 figures

Our challenge with this training course:

  • Make you more aware of your strengths in relation to your personality,
  • Extend your capabilities by using new facets in your day-to-day management:
  • In feedback
  • delegation
  • conflict management
  • communicating objectives
  • day-to-day leadership, etc

If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to ask us about our training programme, dates or how to assess your managerial skills.

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