When Roosevelt talks management…

Quand Roosevelt nous parle de management

A quote that says a lot about our potential spontaneous behaviour when we lead a team…

Quand Roosevelt nous parle de management...

Theodore Roosevelt

Le meilleur manager est celui qui sait trouver les talents pour faire les choses, eEt qui sait aussi refréner son envie de s’en mêler pendant qu’ils les font.

The best manager is the one who knows how to find the talent to get things done,

And who also knows how to curb his desire to interfere while they’re doing it.

Here’s a quote with a lot of meaning and that says it all:

– Delegating is first and foremost an act of trust towards an employee,

– But it’s also an act of passing on skills, and therefore a real investment.

Once these two points have been accepted, what remains is the ability to stand back so as not to sabotage your team!

Meddling in the ongoing story is a natural inclination to secure delegation. But you need to find the right balance to ensure that your involvement is appropriate: reassuring help, light enough to ensure that the person entrusted with the task still has the impression that the success of the assignment will be his or her own.

Between control and support, it’s a question of finding the right balance to stimulate and also allow new paths to open up, because the employee can sometimes choose a different modus operandi…

Isn’t it said that “you are always better served by yourself”?

It’s a quote that shows just how difficult delegation can be. And even when this phrase is outdated, the way to integrate delegation is not always so obvious.

Don’t hesitate to use the Assess Manager test to measure your delegation skills on these different aspects.

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