Booklet 9 – Organising and planning

Booklet 9 – Organising and planning

How do you organise your team and your work?


  • Format: PDF
  • Number of pages: 46

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Managing a team requires a real talent for organisation, anticipation and a vision of interactions, co-dependencies and flows to manage them better, taking into account the people you are working with.

While this book is resolutely focused on anticipation and the strategic dimension, and is aimed primarily at managers of managers, it will help operational managers to better understand their role and equip themselves with the tools they need to manage their team. They can supplement this book with the one on efficiency applicable to themselves and their teams.


  • Organisation determines the group
  • How is a group formed?
  • A global vision of the company’s organisational components
  • Anticipating the global actions required
  • In concrete terms, in these more or less complex models, what are the anticipations linked to the function of manager of managers?
  • Key people and sensitive skills
  • Business decisions that can be anticipated in relation to your potential proactivity
  • Business decisions with a low degree of anticipation – project management with a countdown timer
  • Job descriptions to determine functions and responsibilities
  • What tools and skills will the manager of managers need to anticipate the project?
  • How can you anticipate more and be proactive?
  • Teleworking and taking a step back
  • Lean management
  • Some Lean management tools
  • Organising and monitoring details
  • Example of an objective translated into an activity monitoring dashboard

Practical exercises for taking action

20 pages of exercises for you to practise

  • Exercise #1: strategic management and structural organisation
  • Exercise #2: managing managers and anticipation
  • Exercise #3: operational management and anticipation
  • Exercise #4: patterns in team organisation
  • Exercise 5: Lean management tools
    • Activity monitoring: indicators to monitor the effectiveness of the organisation you have put in place
    • My dashboard