Booklet No. 14 – Demonstrating managerial courage

Booklet No. 14 – Demonstrating managerial courage

How can we develop managerial courage?


  • Format: PDF
  • Number of pages: 32

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Make no mistake, managerial courage is not just a question of posture between you and your team, but also with your counterparts and your hierarchy. It’s not about negotiation or political acumen, but rather about an in-between attitude that will help you to feel at ease, even when you’re asked to implement a decision you don’t agree with, whether because you don’t understand it or because your values are being shaken.


  • Managerial courage – the 21st century paradox
  • Definition of managerial courage
  • A counter-example to managerial courage
  • How does a lack of managerial courage arise?
  • Differences according to hierarchical position
    • Let’s start with the manager and/or his right-hand men…
    • Managerial courage for middle managers
  • When managerial courage is linked to bottom-up information
  • What makes a decision unpopular?
  • Managerial courage depends on internal and external factors
  • Does managerial courage boil down to a form of recklessness?
  • How can we overcome our fears?
  • What can we learn about managerial courage?

Practical exercises for taking action

10 pages of exercises for you to practise

  • Exercise #1: courage versus trust in relationships
  • Exercise #2: scenarios