Booklet No. 2 – Taking decisions

Booklet No. 2 – Taking decisions

Taking decisions

  • Calculating and accepting a certain level of risk
  • Taking all factors into account: human, analytical, etc.
  • Taking decisions under stress


  • Format: PDF
  • Number of pages: 30


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Managing is an exercise that requires you to make decisions on a daily basis, whether you are in an operational or highly strategic position.

Find out how to make decisions and strike the right balance between intuition and verification, discover how to make collegial decisions and identify when it’s best to decide alone.


  • What is a decision?
  • Why does decision-making get in the way?
  • Decision-making mechanisms
  • Analysis of the situation: diagnosis and search for all possible solutions


  • Questions to ask to establish a diagnosis :
  • Search for all possible solutions :
  • Incubation – weighing up the pros and cons
  • Action – I make the decision


  • Rational and emotional intervention
  • Making a choice – illustrations
  • Simple decision-making tools
  • Choosing according to criteria
  • Mind Mapping
  • Thinking alone or with others (analysis and “incubation” phases)
  • Carry out phases 1 and 2 alone: personal reflection
  • Carrying out phases 1 and 2 with others: surround yourself with the right people
  • What other attitudes should you adopt when faced with a decision?
  • Not deciding
  • Leave it to chance
  • Doing what everyone else is doing
  • A few recipes for decision-making
  • Take your time
  • Use meaning and purpose
  • Use discernment
  • Evaluate your decisions or those of others
  • Communicating your choice


Practical exercises for taking action

10 pages of exercises to practise

  • Exercise #1: understanding your own blockages
  • Exercise #2: formulating a decision
  • Exercise #3: emotional intelligence in the decision-making process
  • Exercise #4: making a decision alone or in a group
    • Advantages / disadvantages
    • Bono hats
  • Exercise #5: applying Lavergne’s decision-making process