Booklet No. 10 – Chairing meetings effectively

Booklet No. 10 – Chairing meetings effectively

Which meeting for which purpose?

  • Readily chairing meetings and encouraging discussion
  • Preparing the meeting with dedicated roles for participants
  • Having an analytical mind and focusing on an objective without wasting time


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  • Number of pages: 62

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An easy subject, but often treated in a stereotyped way. Here we propose to focus on the objectives of the meeting, to develop distinct scenarios and make this exercise finally interesting and stimulating.

Depending on the objectives you are pursuing, you will have a complete sheet to help you better understand how to approach the meeting, in terms of preparation, moderation and follow-up.


  • The most common deviations in a meeting
    • Useless or disorganised meetings
    • Too long or soporific
    • A political scene with multiple players
    • A free-for-all with no substance or outcome
    • War of egos
    • Lack of concrete decisions or actions
    • Summary and lessons learned
  • Types of meetings – each objective has a corresponding moderation method
    • Informing, learning, training
    • Organise, monitor
    • Solve, decide
    • Create, imagine
    • Arbitrate, regulate
    • Summary of meeting types
  • Team meetings
    • Frequency of meetings
    • Objectives of the team meeting
      • Depending on the team’s level of maturity
      • Co-creating the team meeting
  • Taking action: objectives – plan – roles – rules – invitation
  • During the meeting
  • After the meeting
    • Evaluating the quality of the meeting
    • The minutes

Practical exercises for taking action

19 pages of exercises for you to practise

  • Exercise #1: self-assessment
  • Exercise #2: planning your next meeting
  • Exercise #3: developing your charisma and managing stress
  • Exercise #4: after the meeting