Booklet No. 3 – Supporting change

Booklet No. 3 – Supporting change

How do you go about it?


  • Format: PDF
  • Number of pages: 35

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How to support change, recognise the people who will be supportive as well as the opponents, and put in place a methodology that facilitates change. You’ll also find workshop models that you can run to help your teams plan for and embrace change.

Practical facilitation and analysis exercises will guide you step by step.


  • Defining change and corporate strategy
    • Corporate strategy and change
    • Some key figures on change
    • Inherent resistance to change
    • Leaving the known for the unknown
    • Distinct perceptions and reactions
    • Informal discourse revealing resistance
    • Three families of obstacles to change
  • A practical method for supporting change
    • Creating urgency
    • Building a powerful “coalition
    • Creating a vision of the future
    • Communicating the vision of the future
    • Encouraging action to reduce obstacles
    • Generate short-term victories
    • Build on the 1st results by integrating them into a more global strategy
    • Anchoring new learning and new approaches in the corporate culture
  • Managing a change project
  • Consideration of change and project management
  • Change management and leadership
  • The 5 stages of a change project
    1. Impact study
    2. Communication
    3. Training
    4. Managing people and resistance
    5. Project management
  • Summary and status report: how far have you got with your change project?

Practical exercises for taking action

10 pages of exercises to get you going

Supporting change

  • Exercise #1: company strategy and overall change project
  • Exercise #2: my impact study
  • Exercise #3: mapping the team
    • My team
    • Me and my team
  • Exercise #4: my action plan