Booklet no. 5 – Managing by objectives

Booklet no. 5 – Managing by objectives

How do you manage your business using objectives?


  • Format: PDF
  • Number of pages: 324

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Objectives are at the heart of motivation and performance, they provide feedback and structure daily life. How do you structure an objective, but also how do you adapt the way it is formulated to suit the employee, so that it becomes a real motivator?


  • A strong act of management
    • Psychological dimension
    • Organisational dimension
    • Managerial and cross-functional
  • When should objectives be used in management?
  • Categories of objectives
  • Theories of motivation and objectives
    • Definitions
    • Illustrations
  • Segmentation of objectives into action plans
  • Adapting the formulation of objectives
  • Building and formulating a SMART(E) objective

Practical exercises for taking action

10 pages of exercises for you to practise

  • Defining objectives
  • Exercise #1: overall coherence, corporate strategy and objectives
    • The company’s strategy
    • My department’s objectives in relation to the strategy
  • Exercise #2: my departmental objectives
  • Exercise #3: setting sub-objectives for my team
  • Exercise #4: motivating my team/employees
  • Exercise #5: formulating an objective
    • How do I formulate an objective based on skills to be developed into a SMART(E) objective?
    • How do you formulate an objective based on interpersonal skills into a SMARTE objective?
    • How do you formulate a result-oriented objective as a SMARTE objective?