Booklet no. 6 – Delegating

Booklet no. 6 – Delegating

What should be delegated? To whom, and how?


  • Format: PDF
  • Number of pages: 55

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Perhaps you’re already aware that you need to delegate more, but a little voice is stopping you. Through its coaching questions, this book can help you to overcome some of the obstacles you face, and provide you with some insights.

You can then use an analysis guide to help you choose the right way to delegate so that the exercise is a success. In addition to the analysis, the method and the tools will complement this guide.


  • Delegation – origins and definition
  • The origins of delegation – from execution to empowerment
  • Obstacles to delegation: why don’t we delegate?
    • Delegation and trust
    • Trust and personality traits affecting delegation
    • Legitimacy and expertise
  • The benefits of delegation
    • Skills development
    • Coordination and communication – sharing
    • Indirect knock-on effects
  • Delegating, a methodological guide
  • What to delegate
    • Distinguishing between tasks and missions
    • Choosing which tasks or missions to delegate
  • Who to delegate to?
    • GPEC and delegation
    • Simplified team skills analysis chart
    • The Eisenhower delegation matrix
    • Why start delegating with a competent and motivated person?
  • How do you delegate?
    • 3 golden rules
    • Steps to follow
  • Preparing and communicating the delegation project
    • Stages of the project
    • Communicating the project
    • Adapting your management style: Hersey and Blanchard situational management
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Monitoring and feedback in the context of delegation
  • Summary: key points of delegation
  • Delegation – manager of managers versus operational manager

Practical exercises for taking action

16 pages of exercises for you to practise

  • Exercise #1: Taking stock
  • Exercise #2: delegation obstacles and solutions
    • Why don’t I delegate, or not enough, or too much?
    • Categorise the obstacles to delegation
    • The solutions
  • Exercise #3: my main tasks and what I can delegate
    • My missions
    • Delegation and credibility as a manager
  • Exercise #4: my colleagues
  • Exercise 5: preparing for a delegation meeting
    • Delegation and management style
    • Framing the interview
    • Supporting documents: interview sheet and operating procedure