Booklet No. 7 – Forging trust

Booklet No. 7 – Forging trust

How do you develop and maintain confidence?

  • Projecting a confident image, enjoying working in a team
  • Setting an example
  • Developing autonomy in others within their skills set


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  • Number of pages: 77

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Self-confidence has an impact on the confidence that will reign in the team you manage, but not only that. And yet, this mutual trust is a powerful motivational lever, which you have real keys to influence.

Between coaching tools and management tools, we offer you a complete cocktail to develop confidence and strengthen your managerial posture.


As a preamble, the trust managers have in line managers

  • Trust in oneself
    • Trust according to philosophy
    • Trust and self-esteem
    • Emotions
    • Potential questions
    • The virtuous circle for developing self-confidence
  • From a relationship with oneself to a relationship with others
    • Confidence and commitment
    • Encouraging teamwork
    • Talking about successes in the plural
    • Confidence influences results
    • Fair treatment
    • Motivating employees as a key to growth through trust
    • The security circle and the development of trust
    • Managing the comfort zone
    • The comfort zone and letting go
    • The right to make mistakes in a relationship of trust
    • Risk assessment versus the right to make mistakes
  • Between too much and too little: how do you find the right level?
  • Adapting management methods to reinforce trust
  • Tools for building trust within the company
    • Feedback and recognition
    • Monitoring and objectives
    • Dashboards and progress indicators
    • Why a scorecard?
    • How do you set up a progress scorecard?
    • Empathy and involvement in a relationship of trust
  • Empowerment
    • Empowerment versus process – but what exactly are we talking about?
    • Why has Empowerment developed?
    • Should we oppose iso processes to Empowerment?
    • What is Empowerment based on?
  • Trust in question: stress and change
    • Stress affects trust
  • Trust and change management
  • Message to managers on developing trust

Practical exercises for taking action

24 pages of exercises to help you practise

Developing trust :

  • Exercise #1: my relationship with trust
  • Exercise #2: me and my team
  • Exercise #3: motivational factors
  • Exercise #4: building a progress scorecard