Booklet No. 8 – Developing your efficiency

Booklet No. 8 – Developing your efficiency

How can we work less, but better?


  • Format: PDF
  • Number of pages: 50

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To be a good manager, start by freeing up your time. If you’re underwater all the time, it will be difficult to inspire confidence or to structure and optimise the team’s work.

But of course, you don’t have time to read a book on the subject! So why don’t you start by making time for yourself? That will be your first challenge!


  • Objectivising the relativity of time!
  • Diagnosing your time management
  • Procrastination
  • Being late
  • Perfectionism
  • Overflowing” or “being too nice
  • Dispersion
  • Taking action: 1. Recognised methods
  • Some major “laws” of time and their applications
  • The Eisenhower matrix
  • Simple rules from the GTD method (d. Allen 2001)
  • The Nerac method
  • Taking action: 2. Tools
  • The role of email in time management and corporate culture
  • The telephone
  • The role of teleworking in time and priority management: a growing method
  • Project management tools for visualising stages, anticipating, prioritising and optimising

Practical exercises for taking action

22 pages of exercises to help you practise

  • Exercise #1: Diagnosing my relationship with time
    • Time for me
    • Time-related illnesses and their psychological manifestations
    • Productive and unproductive activities
  • Exercise #2: managing time-wasters
  • External time-wasters
    • Internal time-wasters and a few “laws” on time management
  • Exercise #3: take action: a method for prioritising, forecasting and planning
    • The Eisenhower matrix
  • Exercise #4: your action plan